TRR: Best Deals for Timeless Flats in Every Size

Buying secondhand items isn’t news. In fact, it has gone mainstream. More people are shopping secondhand than ever before. In 2017, one in three women bought pre-owned items. In the same year, 44M women shopped secondhand, compared to 33M in 2016. This growing number goes hand-in-hand with the current market accessibility for pre-owned fashion goods.  Secondhand retailers like TheRealReal, ThreadUp, and PoshMark together raised more than $500 million in investment and are famously portrayed as disrupting the retail industry.

Although TRR, ThreadUp and PoshMark cater different markets, they all believe resale is a powerful (and more sustainable) transformation of the modern closet. It is a way of allowing shoppers to buy better brands they would never pay the real price for. Looking through their options and aware that spring is on the rise. Bellow 4 options of classic timeless pre-owned luxury shoes in every-size for you to shop now at TheRealReal. 

Size 5

Size 6 

Size 7

Size 8

Size 9

Size 10

Size 11

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