Six Unique Socks That Will Make Any Outfit Fun


A pair of socks is an accessory we wear almost every single day of our lives. It keeps our feet warm, protects it from blisters and gives it extra cushioning. But besides its benefits, it can be a fashion statement on its own: countless brands turned socks into the protagonist of their collections during this past fashion week. In fact, a pair of colorful socks can be combined with countless shoe styles, making any outfit more personal and fun.

From NFW to PFW, socks were paired with everything: pumps, flats, heels, and boots. Fendi with its logo printed socks paired with stilettos, Richard Malone bright red furry socks combined with pumps, Suzanne Rae paired her fall collection with a selection of bright-color socks and many others used similar concepts.  All in all, there are no more rules to what goes and not goes with socks. It only a matter of choosing one pair and playing with it, matching with different outfits and seeing where it takes you.

There are plenty of brands of socks to choose from. In fact, it can be somewhat entertaining to browse through a rainbow of patterns, colors, and materials when looking for new socks. Whether you are considering to buy a new pair of socks or find your way to a more colorful wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of brands to buy from and selected our favorite pair from each. Enjoy.

Independent Brands:

Darner: Darner is a luxury intimates line comprised of high-end socks designed and produced in Los Angeles. Price starts at $38.

Darner Olive Stripes Mesh Socks

Benedict: Italian brand Benedict sells socks with goth, punk, Japanese influences, and timeless quality.

Pepper Socks

Specialist Brands:

Falke: Founded in Germany in 1895, the family-company sells high-quality stockings, tights, socks. Price for luxury socks starts at €42. 

No. 1 Finest Cashmere Ladies Socks

Happy Socks Hysteria: Danish Happy Socks was founded in 2008 and currently sells to over 90 countries. Last year they introduced their new women luxury collection: Hysteria. Price for Hysteria Socks starts at €16.

Mia Ankle Sock

Big Brands:

Fendi: Fendi luxury socks have the best balance of logomania and class. Prices start at €95.


Pink Stretch Cotton Socks

Paul Smith: British label Paul Smith is famous for its take on patterns and colors, making dressing up to work, fun. Although they offer women socks, we recommend looking at their men collection for a larger variety.  

Red Grid Socks with Reflective Details
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