In Her Shoes: Chloé Pierre, Digital Marketer and Content Creator

‘I want to make people change for the better. We are all humans, we all have issues and we should be more sensitive to other people’s matters’

Chloé Pierre is a social media strategist and digital marketing star, she has worked for over a decade helping fashion and lifestyle brands to stand out in the crowded online landscape and achieve marketing targets. With a list of clients including H&M and Levis, last year she embarked on a new project: to create a female community with a mission to actualize what self-care really is, called thy.self.

Born and raised in London, Chloe comes from a family of tailors and creatives. Her interests and passions were strongly shaped by her young years and the memories she created back then. ‘My love for fashion is in my maternal bloodline. My mum’s side of the family is very stylish. My grandfather was such a smart and sharp dresser. I grew up going to the church every Sunday and I loved seeing him walking down the aisle looking so elegant and always wearing amazing shoes.’

Chloe is candid and driven as a person. She started an internship in PR just after her A-levels graduation. ‘I wanted to get into the fashion scene in London as quick as possible so I started applying for internships straight after school.’ Chloe landed her first PR internship at Calvin Klein, quickly immersing herself into the fashion and media scene in London. ‘As I didn’t come from a family that hands you things, since a very early age, I knew that hard work pays off.  If you really want to do something, you just have to work on it.’ After a few internships, her driven mentality paid off, allowing her to obtain leading jobs and to work her way up the corporate ladder.

Chloe’s career path truly started taking shape once social media platforms became popular, dominating the creative industry online. ‘Once digital came about, I started to volunteer to develop social media strategies for brands. In the beginning, I wanted to understand how I could introduce Facebook and Twitter to the company and to the clients I worked with. My first job was to document London Fashion Week through Twitter [a concept that was way ahead of its time].’ This experience opened her eyes to the possibility of focusing more time on online channels of communication, leading her to the decision of documenting her own work through a blog. ‘[the blog] became a side hustle, a way of people finding out about my work’ Chloe points out.

Over the years, Chloe started to work as a freelancer behind the scenes, enjoying the privilege of carefully choosing which projects to engage with. ‘I believe that work freedom equals happiness.’ Chloe says. ’I started to be approached by brands to help them in events, media and brand strategy and to work as a PR consultant.’

The opportunity to create new campaigns and innovative content, led her to embrace the momentum and step even further, building her own brand: thy.self. ‘I wanted to create a community around wellness, a topic I am strongly connected too. I want to create a safe space for conversations around self-care and self-love.’ With this mission in mind, Chloe hosts events and workshops around London inviting speakers and experts to discuss wellness and its subtopics. ‘Our events aim to build a community which encourages conversations, shares first-hand experiences as well as knowledge which will equip women with the support and tools needed to help themselves as well as uplifting others.’

As for the future, Chloe’s objective is to bring thy.self to a new level, turning it to a digital agency offering pr, consulting, and online brand strategies to fashion and lifestyle brands. But above all, Chloe wants to use her skills to make the world a better place ‘I want to employ young girls and give them on-the-job training. Give them the skills I needed when I was younger. I want to solve needs that are prevalent in my community and the society around me. There are so many barriers to get a job nowadays, and I want to be able to offer training and experience and allow them to achieve their career goals.’

thy.self’s upcoming event ‘Surviving vs Thriving’ is happening on the 16th of May in collaboration with The Hoxton. More info and tickets can be found here.

Chloe photographed by Karbatin

— as told to Karbatin

Photographed by Karbatin in London


Chloe’s Personal Style:

‘My style is based on my mood. It is usually professional with a bit of sassiness. I want my outfit to take me through my whole day and in different situations. I like to wear black when I go out to meetings. Shoes need to be practical. That’s why I am mostly in trainers. I want to dress to feel nice. But mostly, I want my outfit to be nice and chic. To speak volumes about who I am.

Chloe’s Three favorite pair of shoes:

  1. Miista’s Antonine Roccia Heels ‘The shoes are handmade in Spain, the brand has something for everyone and a great story behind it. Plus, I love their Instagram ads, they are fun and original.’
  2. Nike Air Max 98 Leopard Print Sneakers ‘I love sneakers and their brand ethos. My go-to shoes’ 
  3. M&S Collection Multi Strap Mule Sandals in Black ‘Marks and Spencer’s shoes are good quality and have an amazing price point. A hidden gem in my closet.’

If she could only wear one pair of shoes every day:

‘It would be Nike White Air Force 1’

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