In Her Shoes: Alexandra Fullerton, Glamour UK Director-at-Large

Alexandra Fullerton is a writer, stylist, consultant and a highly-appreciated fashion editor for a number of established publications including The Stylist and more recently Glamour UK. She has worked with countless clients and companies, and more recently she published her first book ‘How to Dress’, a guide to dress stylish with minimal effort, becoming an Amazon best-seller in the fashion category.

Her style reflects her genuine and fun personality. Wearing Aeyde shoes (a new cool direct-to-consumer label), an army jacket and jeans she met us in a rare sunny London afternoon, in the creative neighborhood of Shoreditch.

Alexandra’s interest in fashion started to bloom at a very young age. When she was only seven years old, she hoped to become a fashion designer and to study art or art history. ‘I’ve always loved dressing up and the possibilities that stem from a change of clothes and specifically I’ve always been into shoes’. At age 14 however, her interest started to drift towards the publishing side of the fashion world. ‘In my early teens, when I started to  frequently read Vogue magazine I realized there could be a career [in magazines] that would allow me to work within the industry that I love.’

Her passion continued to grow, leading her to commence her studies in Fashion Promotion at London College of Fashion. There, a work-experience module opened her eyes to the possibility of focusing more energy and time on work, leading to her decision of dropping out of university. ‘I got involved in a hands-on approach to editorial for the first time, and realized I could learn much more in the real world, than in a classroom.’ After leaving LCF, Alexandra ended up fast-tracking her career, landing freelance assistant jobs for Allan Kennedy and Tabitha Simons.

Over the years, she has acquired an impressive list of clients, including Vogue Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, Grazia and ultimately a seven-year role as a fashion director at Stylist Magazine. In 2018, she joined Glamour UK as a fashion director-at-large, a role that requires her to oscillate between multiple tasks: ’I have a contributing role at Glamour so I could be on a cover shoot for them, or prepping for it. I could be meeting PRs one on one to talk about Glamour’s fashion plans or I could be out and about on press days. A lot of my time is spent in meetings seeing photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, models as well as agents.’

Alexandra describes working in editorial as ‘an opportunity to work with other talented individuals and push ourselves to come up with epic ideas.’ Ideas that are later turned into colorful and aspirational pages of magazines often giving the readers a unique journey through story-telling. The fun side of it offsets ‘the nonglamorous physical work of carrying suitcases around the world for shoots’, Alexandra points out.

At the heart of Alexandra’s busy schedule is balance. She sets aside two days a week to stay home and work on her personal projects, make mood boards and catch up her admin. Last year, she stepped into the world of a book author, publishing ‘How to Dress’. With her best-selling book, she encourages readers to approach fashion in a fun and practical way, revealing tricks to put outfits together with minimal effort.

Her Instagram account is filled with images of one of her biggest passions: shoes. In fact, in 2013 (inspired by her friend Katie Jane Hughes’ #thedailyface) she started her own hashtag #thedailyshoe. ‘Initially, it was just a convenient tool to record the shoes I wore from my own wardrobe, to make sure I was wearing them all. Now I include shoes I see on my shoots, press previews and in shops. I want to make my Instagram page the ultimate UK destination for shoe lovers and diversify the content into podcasts, books, my blog and ultimately my own shoe collection.’


As for the future, Alexandra is planning the fashion pages for Glamour’s September issue and loosely planning to publish a second book, including style ad campaigns and editorial for overseas titles.

— as told to Karbatin

Alexandra Fullerton photographed by Patricha Humm in London.





Alexandra’s three favorite pair of shoes:

  1. Bionda Castana Christa platforms: ‘I’ve struck up a friendship with Natalia and Jennifer and I love their vision of women’s shoes’
  2. Patent pink Ganni loafers: ‘They are the ultimate fancy flat and elevate all my jeans and t-shirts (my usual outfit uniform)’
  3. Pink Sequin Ankle boots from Marc Jacobs. ‘I’ve worn them once but they are so fun, they make me happy just looking at them.’

If you could only one shoe to wear every day:

‘It would be Jimmy Choo’s Marlin boots which I have. I wore them to death and think are the most perfect ankle boots ever.’


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