Here is The Footwear Brand We Will All Wear This Year

When Vanissa Antonious and Alan Buanne first met, they were normal students living in Sydney and working part-time at the same retail store to earn some extra money. In those years, the duo never thought that one day they would be running a business together, selling women footwear all over the globe. 

Ten years after their first encounter, Vanissa and Alan have a chance to meet again. The setting is now the other side of the world, in London, where one is a Market Editor for Harper’s Bazaar and the other is a Design Assistant for Nicholas Kirkwood. From students to professionals, they still had similar interest and passions. One above all: high-end women footwear. During their endless discussion over the topic, a clear reality started to appear, there were almost no stilettos or ballerina shoes that were meeting all their requirements.

The decision was easy, after many years they were going to work together again, this time building up their own brand. They identified two main ingredients, made in Italy and contemporary aesthetics, and blended them together with reasonable pricing: Neous story was ready to begin. 


The design of the shoes is inspired by the clean lines of mid-century architecture, often evoking an unexpected, and sometimes surprising, minimalistic feeling. This simplicity is challenged by the unusual shapes of the heels that give a sense of playful modernity.

Striving for quality first, Vanissa and Alan are creating their shoes with the same producers that work with Ferragamo, trying to assure not just excellent finishings, but also great comfort. 


Neous shoes are now available at the best luxury e-tailer and at major department stores in London and worldwide.

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